Comcast Outage

Comcast is currently experiencing a nation wide outage that is causing some customers to not be able to reach their websites or email. Their is no ETA on when the issues will be resolved.You can follow their progress on resolving the issues on their twitter ... Read More »

29th Jun 2018
Mohawk server

UPDATE June 26 @ 6:00 p.m.: All restores have been completed. If you are experiencing problems with your site send an email to with as much detail as possible.UPDATE June 26: The restore process is ongoing. About 80% of sites have been restored. The process has been slowed by an unanticapated number of sites having very ... Read More »

25th Jun 2018
Huron Server

UPDATE @ 5:55 a.m. EST on June 25: The huron server is back online.

The huron server has suddenly become unavailable. We are investigating.

25th Jun 2018