cPanel update causing problems on Host3 and Delaware servers

Host3 UPDATE: The old host3 server was brought back online but WHM, cPanel and webmail are disabled. At some point today the server will go down so they can remove the backup drive and place it in the new server. The new server is up and running.Delaware UPDATE: All sites that were on the delaware server have been restored to the new ... Ler Mais »

9th Jun 2019
VPS Cluster

The VPS cluster has experienced a kernel panic. The techs at the datacenter are investigating the cause now.

9th May 2019
Host 5 Server

UPDATE: The host5 server is now online.

The host5 server has suddenly gone offline. We are investigating.

8th May 2019
Host3 Server

UPDATE: The host3 server is accessible now. The server's firewall malfunctioned and blocked access to all the services on the server. That issue has been resolved.

The host3 server has suddenly gone offline. We are investigating.

23rd Apr 2019
VPS Outage

UPDATE: All of the VPS machines are online.

There is a network error with our VPS cluster that has caused the machines to not be accessible. The datacenter is aware and working on resolving the issue.

5th Mar 2019
SquirrelMail Being Removed From cPanel

The cPanel developers have removed SquirrelMail from the latest version of cPanel. They explain their decision here: Why SquirrelMail is being removed An all too common story with open source projects is a loss of invested developers. A once active, vibrant developer community diminishes as ... Ler Mais »

5th Mar 2019
Gigenet Network Outage

Explanation from Gigenet: Yesterday, 2/14/19, GigeNET experienced a power outage that temporarily interrupted our services. Here in Chicago, we have experienced many harsh storms this winter which have led to service outages that our systems were able to mitigate.  However, these outages must have taken a toll on the electronics of our control ... Ler Mais »

14th Feb 2019
Host 5 Server

The host 5 server locked up and had to be rebooted. It should be online soon.

14th Feb 2019
Chippewa Server

The chippewa server has suddenly gone offline.

UPDATE: We are investigating. The chippewa server is accessible again. There was a temporary network issue. The server remained online but could not be reached because of the network routing. That issue has been resolved.

25th Jan 2019
Chippewa Server Network Maintenance

The chippewa server is currently unaccessible due to emergency network maintenance. The server is up but there is no route to it. The datacenter is working on the core router and expects the server to be accessible soon. We apologize for the inconvenience.

12th Nov 2018