cPanel update causing problems on Host3 and Delaware servers

  • Sunday, 9th June, 2019
  • 22:05pm
Host3 UPDATE: The old host3 server was brought back online but WHM, cPanel and webmail are disabled. At some point today the server will go down so they can remove the backup drive and place it in the new server. The new server is up and running.

Delaware UPDATE: All sites that were on the delaware server have been restored to the new site.

Host3 UPDATE: Liquid Web has still not delivered the new server. They promised it would be ready around 8 - 9 p.m. EST. I called them and they said the person who was building the server was in the datacenter and would update me. He hasn't. I ask for updates every 30 minutes but there is no response. I'm sorry, and of course we'll issue credits for the downtime.

Host3 UPDATE: Unfortunately, we are still waiting for the new server. They promised it would be 2 - 5 hours about 4 hours ago, so it should be up soon. Once it's online we will work through the night to get the sites restored.

Delaware UPDATE: Why is it taking so long? Over half the accounts on the server were more than 10GB in size. It takes cPanel about 15 minutes to restore large accounts. Accounts are being restored using JetBackup's auto restore tool and manually. The larger accounts (25GB+) are being restored manually. We will work through the night until they are all restored.

UPDATE: Sites that were on the delaware server are now being restored to a new server. We are waiting for the new host3 server to be built.

UPDATE: It looks like both the host3 and delaware servers will need to be replaced. We are not sure what happened but it doesn't look like they can be repaired. We will either rebuild the current servers and restore the sites from a backup or build new servers.

A cPanel update is causing problesm on the host3 and delaware servers. I have an emergency ticket open with cPanel and will update once I get a response from them.
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