Host 5 Server

  • Wednesday, 9th September, 2020
  • 13:29pm

UPDATE @ 12:43 a.m. EST on 9/10: The host5 server is up and running but there was some damage to the file system. Disk quotas no longer work. We will finish moving sites to the new server later this morning.

UPDATE @ 5:34 p.m. EST: I have started restoring websites to the new server. The IP address for your site will change to

I have a new server up and running and have restored some sites to that server. If host5 is not online soon I'll start restoring all of the sites from last night's backup to the new server.

Latest update from the datacenter:

Sorry for the delay on the update. We are running hardware checks on the drive and the system, as well as doing a few firmware updates to ensure that is not a problem as well. From checking the logs through IPMI there were some errors that came up, but from doing research it sounds like they are more false positives due to being a couple of revisions old. But doing our due diligence to ensure this could not be the cause of the problem. We will update you shortly once the tests have completed and updates are done.

A disk check is being run on the hard drives. If you have a site that's critical we can restore it to a different server using last night's backup. Send the cPanel username to

The host5 server has suddenly become unresponsive. We are investigating.

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