UPDATE 2: All sites have been restored to a different server. If you are having problems accessing your site submit a ticket to support@vervehosting.com.

UPDATE: It doesn't look like we'll be able to recover this server. I already started restoring sites to different server and have 155 of the 300 sites restored. I hope to have them all restored by the end of the day today (Saturday).

One of the drives in the RAID array in the Mackinac server failed and needed to be replaced. Unfortunately, during the replacement more drive errors were uncovered and the server will not boot properly. We're exploring options on getting the server online. We do have backups from September 24th that we can use to restore to a different server. If your site is critical and you need it online sooner than later send an email to support@vervehosting.com and i will restore the site to a different server.


Verve Hosting

Friday, September 25, 2020

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