Mohawk server

  • Monday, 25th June, 2018
  • 05:40am
UPDATE June 26 @ 6:00 p.m.: All restores have been completed. If you are experiencing problems with your site send an email to with as much detail as possible.

UPDATE June 26: The restore process is ongoing. About 80% of sites have been restored. The process has been slowed by an unanticapated number of sites having very large email stores that took over an hour each to be restored. If your site has not been restored yet and is critical send an email to and we will try to move you up in the restore queue.

UPDATE: We are in the process of restoring the sites on the server. It's going to take several hours to restore all of the sites. Again, we apologize for the service interruption and thank you for your patience.

The mohawk server crashed this morning (June 25) at 5:30 a.m. EST. When the server came back online it was determined that the /home partition was damaged. We will be running a disk check on the /home partition. If it can't be recovered we will have to restore the websites from last night's backup.
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