Cheyenne Server

  • 15th July 2021
UPDATE: 3:00 p.m. EST on 7/18/2021: All of the websites have been restored.    UPDATE: 5:40 p.m. EST on 7/16/2021: Approximately half of the websites have been restored. We will work through the night until all of the sites are restored. When the server was rebuilt the data on the /backup drive was lost. The tech said he didn't accidentally ...
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Backup Servers Down

  • 6th April 2021
Our backup servers were hosted at the Webnx datacenter in Ogden, Utah. On Easter Sunday they had a catastrophic failure: As you may have noticed, over the weekend there was an incident at the WebNX Ogden Utah data center. Since then we have been assessing the situation and determining a course of action to best help our clients get ...
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Hudson Server

  • 9th December 2020
3rd UPDATE: Unfortunately, the hard drive can't be saved. A new drive is being installed and we will restore from last night's backups. 2ND UPDATE: The techs updated the bios and firmware and rebooted the server. They saw error messages related to a memory bank, so they replaced the memory. Now we are seeing drive errors. The /backup drive is ...
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Delaware Server

  • 2nd November 2020

The delaware server has crashed and all sites are offline. We are investigating.

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