Huron Server

  • 16th May 2018
The load on the huron server suddenly spiked and caused it to crash. We are rebooting the server now. Once the server is back online we can determine what caused the high load.
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Chippewa server

  • 25th April 2018
The datacenter that hosts the Chippewa server is experiencing networking issues that causes the network to drop for 5 - 10 minutes every 2 - 3 hours. This in turn causes the Chippewa server to become inaccessible for 5 - 10 minutes every 2 - 3 hours. They have scheduled emergency maintenance and feel this issue will be resolved sometime today, but ...
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Miami server

  • 18th April 2018
The miami server has suddenly gone offline. The techs at the datacenter are investigating.

This issue has been resolved.
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