VPS Cluster is Offline

  • 31st July 2023

UPDATE: The VPS service has been restored.


There was a kernel panic on the VPS cluster this morning that caused all of the VM's to not be accessible. The datacenter is working on resolving the issue.

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cPanel is removing the Horde webmail client beginning with Version 108

  • 6th February 2023
cPanel is removing the Horde webmail client beginning with cPanel version 108. Their reasoning is Horde does not support PHP versions older than 7.4, which has reached end of life. cPanel will be focusing on RoundCube Webmail going forward will migrate Horde calendar and contact data to RoundCube upon upgrade to cPanel v108 or later.Current Horde ...
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Erie Server

  • 31st January 2023
UPDATE: The erie server came back at 12:15 PM EST and has stabilized. We are closely monitoring the server for any issues. UPDATE: The server is struggling to reboot. It does restart but is taking a very long time to cycle through what should be a 15 minute max process. We're still working on the server. We do have backups that are available and ...
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Host 4 Server

  • 24th December 2022

The host4 server has suddenly gone offline. We are investigating.

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