Host 5 and Superior Servers

  • 28th October 2019
You can follow Hivelocity's response to the issue on their twitter page: is a networking issue with the Hivelocity Dallas datacenter that is affecting the Host5 and Superior servers. The servers are up but not reachable. Hivelocity is aware of the issue and are working as fast as ...
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Miami server

  • 9th July 2019
UPDATE: The miami server has been rebooted and is now accessible.

The miami server has suddenly gone offline. We are investigating.
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Host2, Comanche, Huron servers not accessible due to network issue

  • 29th June 2019
UPDATE: A switch went down and is being replaced. They estimate the servers will be accessible in about an hour.

The host2, huron and comanche servers are not accessible due to a network issue. We are waiting for the Gigenet datacenter to update us.
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cPanel update causing problems on Host3 and Delaware servers

  • 9th June 2019
Host3 UPDATE: The old host3 server was brought back online but WHM, cPanel and webmail are disabled. At some point today the server will go down so they can remove the backup drive and place it in the new server. The new server is up and running.Delaware UPDATE: All sites that were on the delaware server have been restored to the new ...
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