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This tutorial will show you how to use the Payment Request wizard for Outlook

1) Click Merchant Services

2) Click Request Money with Outlook

3) If you use Microsoft Outlook, you will need to download this file. If you use Outlook Express, you will need to download this file instead. Click the file you wish to download

4) Click Save File

5) Click OK

You may be asked where you want to save the file. For this tutorial, it is recommended you save it to your desktop

6) Once the file has downloaded, go to your desktop

7) Right-click on the ZIP file

8) Click Extract

Extract using your preferred archive program, such as WinZip or ZipGenius

If you do not have a program capable of this, Windows XP comes with a program built in to handle ZIP files. Just click Extract Here…

The program will extract all the files in the archive

Once it has finished, all the files will probably be put in a folder

9) Double-click the folder

10) Double-click the EXE file

The InstallShield Wizard will start

11) Click Next

This screen will ask you where you want to install the program. If you are unsure where to put it, leave it at the default

12) Click Next

13) Click Install

The bar will show you the progress of the installation

14) Click Finish

15) Go to Outlook

16) Click the Payment Request Wizard button in the Outlook toolbar

You must agree to the License Agreement before you can use the wizard

17) Click Agree

18) Click Next

19) Select the type of payment you are requesting

20) Click Next

21) Enter your PayPal email address

22) Enter the amount

23) Select the currency

24) Click Next

25) Select the button type you want to appear in the email

26) Click Next

You can review your information before you send it

27) Click Create

28) Enter the email address of the person from whom you are requesting money

You can edit the content of the email before you send it

29) When ready, click Send

There is an even shorter way to request a payment using the wizard

30) Click New

31) Select the type of payment you are requesting from the drop-down list

32) Follow the same steps as before until you complete the wizard

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to use the Payment Request wizard for Outlook

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