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Transferring your domain from one Registrar to another

Enom 1

Help managing your Enom domain registration

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Updating the nameservers for your domain

Tucows / OpenSRS 1

Help managing your Tucows / OpenSRS domain registration


 What are domain names? How do they work?

Every server in the world that has access to the Internet has at least one IP...

 What is an Auth Code or EPP Key?

An Authorization Code (also called an Auth Code or EPP Key) is required when transferring...

 Can people find out where I live based on my domain registration information?

Unfortunately, the answer is usually going to be yes. Any address and contact information you...

 How do I decide what to choose for a domain name?

If you’re not quite sure exactly what a domain is, you should watch the previous...

 Should I pay for private domain registration?

If you’ve watched the previous tutorial, you may be worried about your personal domain...